Several months ago, a private independent company named Blade Energy Partners was hired to conduct its own investigation of the cause of the gas leak. In summary of its conclusion, Blade Energy Partners concluded that there were measures, though not required by the gas storage regulations at the time, that could have been taken to aid in the early identification of corrosion and that, in their opinion, would have prevented or mitigated the leak. Essentially, the conclusions of the investigation show negligence on the part of the Southern California Gas Company. We feel that the findings of this investigation help our case tremendously as we move forward. Blade Energy Partners also prepared a video outlining the facts and timeline of the events that occurred which resulted in the gas leak and the events that took place immediately thereafter. As for the lawsuit, we are currently awaiting a trial date to be scheduled by the new judge. Given the amount of discovery pending in the case, the setting of a trial date is taking longer than expected.

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