Residential care facilities for the elderly (RCFE) can be a wonderful home for residents who require assistance with daily living activities, including taking meals, grooming and hygiene, but do not have need for skilled nursing care. Unfortunately, RCFEs are not immune to instances of residential care elder abuse and neglect.

Similar to elderly in nursing homes [LINK TO NURSING HOMES], elderly who live in an RCFE may not be able to communicate distress or abuse. Carefully monitor your loved one for signs of abuse. Evidence may include bruises, cuts or scrapes; malnutrition; dehydration; rapid weight loss; bedsores/pressure sores; over-medication; mood swings, mood change or emotional withdrawal; fearful behavior in the presence of skilled nursing home staff; unsanitary conditions; and sudden or unexplained changes to a will, money transfers or withdrawals.

If your loved one has suffered physical or emotional trauma due to neglect on the part of the residential care facility staff, contact Keosian Berberian LLP.

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