Currently, there are about 38,000 plaintiffs involved in this matter, and no one has received any payment simply because the case is still ongoing.

 As informed previously, the Court has decided that it will hold bellwether trials in order to inform all of the parties in this lawsuit the value of their claims and defenses. A bellwether trial is a practice run trial of a few cases out of all of the lawsuits taken from the main group to help understand the results of future similar cases. These trials will be selected at random and is set to begin sometime within the next few months.  We do not know if any of your cases will be selected as part of these trials.  If selected, you will be informed.

Additionally, the former Judge in this matter, Judge Daniel Wiley, has been appointed to another court and is no longer the Judge in this matter.  Since November of 2018, it was unknown as to who would be appointed to take over the action. Recently, Judge Carolyn Kuhl from the Los Angeles Superior Court was assigned to oversee this lawsuit. She is now our new judge and is gearing us up to be trial ready as soon as possible.

We have recently finished reviewing over 14 million pages of documents provided by SoCal Gas.  We are still in the discovery stage of the case due to new documents being produced by the defense and plaintiffs supplementing additional medical records.  A trial date has not yet been given to us by Judge Kuhl, but we are almost in the final stages of discovery and we expect to receive a date very soon.

 The next status conference with the new judge is scheduled for May 1st, 2019.

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